Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Importance of Custom Club Fitting

On Top of the World Communities sports a professional golf team that can assist the golfer with any of his or her needs from apparel to custom fit equipment to personalized group or individual instruction.

Custom club fitting is one component of the superior customer service offered by the golf department at On Top of the World Golf Club and Candler Hills Golf Club. Often, a golfer assumes that directional issues of ball flight are caused by incorrect swing techniques. While this is sometimes the case, the more likely culprit is an improper lie angle of the golf club or a shaft flex that needs to be changed. Through the use of the PING and Cobra fitting charts, the golf professional will provide you with the correct equipment specifications to quickly drop strokes off your game.

Many people believe to increase distance off the tee, they need to switch to a driver with less loft. However, usually just the opposite is what is prescribed for most golfers. With the use of a speed or launch monitor, the golf professional can demonstrate the difference in distance achieved by increasing trajectory on the golf ball. By taking advantage of demo drivers, fairway metals and hybrids  the golfer can "test drive" equipment to see what produces the most desired ball flight and distance combination.

Putter fitting? This is an area most golfers never think about, but the putter is the club that is used for the majority of the strokes in a round of golf. Let the fitting putter prove what a difference a lie angle and/or length adjustment can make in creating a repetitive stroke.

See how your game can improve by using equipment that was custom fit to your swing motion by visiting a golf professional at On Top of the World Golf Club or Candler Hills Golf Club.

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