Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fitness Challenge Champions

by Cammy Dennis

I was overwhelmed with delight as 48 On Top of the World Communities (OTOW) residents wearing their "Fitness Challenge Champs" t-shirts arrived for a group photograph in celebration of a tremendous wellness accomplishment. This year's Summer Fitness Challenge had 124 participants with 94 reaching their destination goal!

The OTOW Health & Recreation Center's Summer Fitness Challenge is a simple one...pick one of three destination options and start logging the miles that are achieved from cardiovascular activity. The destination mileage choices were 150 miles, 300 miles or 500 miles. Five miles are awarded for every 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity completed in the fitness center. The participants had all of July and August to log their miles...meaning the 500-mile champions logged 50 or more hours during the 2 month span! 

Here's how the goal destinations break down on an average weekly exercise duration:

  • 500 mile goal = approximately 5.5 hours per week of cardiovascular activity.
  • 300 mile goal = approximately 3.5 hours per week of cardiovascular activity.
  • 150 mile goal = approximately 2 hours per week of cardiovascular activity.
Jack and Jean Hester are relatively new OTOW residents and they both completed the fitness challenge. Jean, who is admittedly a competitive person, chose the longest distance. "I want 500!" were her exact words. Her husband Jack participated in the challenge because she wanted to do it. Jack was slightly less ambitious than his wife and set his goal at 150 miles. Jean said, "The challenge was fun and I got to meet a lot of people." She noted that the fitness challenge helped her to focus and commit to a regular routine and coming to the fitness center for exercise. 

Carolin Packard is a seasoned participant having completed the challenge two years in a row. "I like the motivation of the challenge," she said. Carolin also appreciated the flexibility in the program noting, "because I could choose from any of the cardio equipment, the workouts didn't get boring."

Jeanette Lind was a first time participant and stated, "I exercised more because of the challenge." She too enjoyed the camaraderie and encouragement of her fellow participants saying, "The fitness center was a great meeting place."

Sandy and Don Martin were also first time challengers with Sandy saying, "We are in the gym working out anyway so why not set a goal and earn a t-shirt! The challenge was extra motivation for us."

There's no doubt after the success of this year's challenge in participants and goals, next year's competition will be bigger and better!

Cammy Dennis is the Fitness Director for On Top of the World Communities and The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa.

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