Thursday, September 20, 2012

See What’s Growing Each Week at the Circle Square Commons Farmer’s Market on The Town Square

The Circle Square Commons Town Square, located at On Top of the World Communities, is the weekly home of a Farmer’s Market offering a wide and appealing array of fresh produce, seasonal as well as year-round, from local and regional growers.  But fresh produce is just one of the many items you can find! The Farmer’s Market has new items every week including flowers, plants, fresh baked goods, hand-made soaps, delicious pies and much more.  Plus, the Market features local crafters and artists displaying creative and unique pieces from charming denim purses and beautiful oil paintings to wood working creations and framed photography. 

The Farmer’s Market also holds the "Flavors of the Season" cooking demonstrations by On Top of the World chefs every month. The chefs use farm-fresh produce available at the Market, along with other ingredients, to create mouth-watering meals. These demonstrations are held from 10:00 to 10:30 a.m. the first Thursday of every month. After the demonstration, patrons are invited to sample the finished dishes and pick up a recipe card to try at home.

The Farmer’s Market on The Town Square has become Ocala’s premier Thursday market and it happens right here at Circle Square Commons!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Keeping it Green by Phillip B. Hisey

If you are following the calendar on the home maintenance tab at, you know September is a good month to fertilize. I like to use John Deer-Lesco 9-0-24 this time of year. This product has a higher percentage of iron to get a green surge but also a higher percentage of potassium to help with root stimulation and growth just before it goes dormant for the winter. This fertilizer will cover roughly 11,000 square feet of turf. Maybe you can split a bag with the neighbor?

Chinch bugs haven't been too bad this year. If you are treating for them, make sure you are alternating pesticide classes to avoid resistance developing in the pest.

This is also a good month to apply pesticides for masked chafer grubs, if present. The insects feed on St. Augustine grass roots and many other turf varieties. Inspect your lawn to see if grubs are present. The grass can be kicked around and will roll up like hay if grubs are present. Treating your lawn may kill the pest but some damage may require sod replacement.

Also, keep in mind as we begin to go into the fall, you should be concerned with fungus. Fungus is most prevalent when temperatures are between 65 to 75 degrees. These past few months have been too hot for fungal activity. Fugus is preventable; your contractors should be aware of climatic conditions and treating for this pest in a preventative manner.

Keep your crape myrtles blooming; trimming the crape myrtle seed heads after they're done blooming will help regenerate new blooms. Good luck this fall!

Phillip Hisey is the Landscape Superintendent for On Top of the World Communities and its entities.