Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Personal Coaching = RESULTS! by David Gibas

Have you been working hard at the gym or going to fitness classes to lose weight or feel better? How's that going for you? If you answered "not too good", maybe it's time to boost your fitness routine with a new results-oriented fitness program.

Statistics from several studies on exercise adherence indicate that approximately 50% of individuals who start a self-monitored exercise program will drop out of that program within six months. The reason is that we tend to have unrealistic expectations. We drift away from our resolution when we do not experience the results we want soon enough.

A realistic goal that is specific measurable is a critical stop in your commitment to get fit. Once your goal is in place, you will need to stay motivated and accountable to keeping up with your workouts. A fitness plan is simple by design but difficult by nature. Human behavior is complex and changing that behavior is difficult.

The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa is here to help! The Ranch now offers a premium fitness membership, which includes personal coaching. Personal coaching was designed to combat the obstacles that keep most people from achieving the results they want. Your personal coach provided goal setting and program design but, most importantly, keeps you motivated and accountable to get the results you want! The personal coaching schedule is flexible with morning, evening and weekend options. Visit The Ranch for more details...it's time to get the results for which you're looking!

David Gibas is the Facility Director at The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa

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