Monday, January 21, 2013

Generosity Knows No Bounds For Residents, Clubs and Organizations of On Top of the World Communities

by Ray Cech

At a recent luncheon at On Top of the World Communities' (OTOW) Health & Recreation Ballroom, Men's Golf Association (MGA) president, Paul East, was pleased to hand over a check for $1,265 to Hospice of Marion County's Development Coordinator, Karen Haven. Ms. Haven accepted the check and spoke about the generosity of OTOW's residents, clubs and organizations particularly the MGA.

"Every year, the OTOW MGA contributes to Hospice of Marion County by holding several chicken lunches. At these lunches, members will purchase "mulligans"...usually 2 or more each! With over 170 MGA members, the dollars quickly add up," explains East. "Over the years, our club has donated about $15,000 to Hospice of Marion County, and that's something we're very proud of."

Hospice of Marion County is the leading non-profit organization of its kind in the county, and is currently caring for nearly 400 patients. Members of the MGA are generous to a fault, and will often contribute beyond their "mulligans", helping to build the kitty going to Hospice. 

Ms. Haven pointed out that patients come in all shapes, sizes and age groups, from babies to teenagers, to the elderly...and no one needing care is turned away. "On Top of the World residents make up a large army of what I call the three Ts; time, talent and treasures. Time and talent contributed and the treasury of dollars donated," says Haven. She went on to say, "Three of the 24 rooms (each costing approximately $30,000) at Hospice's Legacy House were paid for as a result of the largess of OTOW's organizations and individuals. Legacy House is a 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility with round-the-clock care."

The MGA is an example of the amazing generosity that pervades our OTOW community. Whether it's a golf association, private parties holding 50/50 raffles or a friendly card game between friends and neighbors who contribute a portion of every winning hand, Marion County charities are that much better off.

Ray Cech is a resident of On Top of the World and a World News writer.

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