Friday, December 21, 2012

Lifelong Learning Activities Can Affect Your Health...POSITIVELY!

by Ken Colen

In academic circles, the seventh year is often referred to as the "sabbatical year." This is a time when faculty and staff are given an opportunity to reflect, refresh, do research and come back recharged to continue the endeavor. This past year was Master the Possibilities Education Center's "sabbatical year"...the seventh year of this experiment in lifelong learning. Due to demand, we didn't have a chance to "retreat and reflect."  Instead, our "reset" was accomplished while "on the job."

 Here's what happened in 2012:

  • We moved to a new trimester framework and associated catalog distribution. Quarterly catalogs were replaced with Winter/Spring (Jan-May), Summer (Jun-Aug) and Fall (Sep-Dec) issues.
  • We published our catalogs two weeks earlier each term than in past years. This allowed an early registration period with more time for you to consider the offerings.
  • We increased class offerings to about 1,200 annually...half of which were NEW.
  • Our roster of students/users topped 7,000.
  • More programs ran than ever before.
  • All but one month recorded the "best ever" enrollment totals.
  • Overall enrollments were 22,000+.
Our "sabbatical year" was a milestone success. With your support, enrollments, suggestions and friendship we did indeed recharge within the learning community we have formed together. 

Our new look and curriculum was inspired by you. We listen to what you want, and if we can lock in qualified instructors, we transmit the idea to reality. Our underlying objective continues to be to gain your confidence as a premier center for lifelong learning and to maintain your support. In a recent nationwide publication, Where to Retire magazine (May/Jun 2012), Master the Possibilities was described as a "stunning success." We are proud of this and challenged to continue with the best in adult education. It is a privilege.

Every time we publish a catalog (this being our 28th) it represents what we have seen as trending and what you voiced to us. We anticipate as well as respond. In this edition you'll find our largest array of presentations and 50% will be NEW. It is a combination of academic, special interest series, art and computer offerings. Our faculty is credentialed and experienced. Our fees are low...many classes are free. If you reside at On Top of the World Communities or Stone Creek, you can attend a free class every day that we are in session.

It's a great time to be a learner. This journey is, indeed, lifelong. It stimulates your mind, opens your eyes to new possibilities, and engages you with others who share your love and learning...and living; "mastering the possibilities" can enhance your life. This is a great experience...welcome to all we do.


Ken Colen is the President of On Top of the World Communities.

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