Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Know Your Builder - Are They Financially Secure?

Stability. Everyone looks for it in these times, especially when purchasing a home. Large national home building corporations have a certain allure with multi-state community offerings and widespread brand awareness, but are these companies financially stable in today's market?

Know your builder before you purchase and learn about their track record. The developer of On Top of the World Communities has a Florida focus and is family owned and operated. Since 1947 the Colen family has maintained a fiscally sound company which to this day is debt free. It is a company that values its community and residents and strives to maintain home values.

On Top of the World Communities stands strong and will continue to expand, enhance and support its developments well into the future. When deciding where to purchase your new home, choose the builder with fiscal and environmental responsibility whose homes are built with the highest energy efficiency and quality. Choose On Top of the World Communities in beautiful Ocala, Florida.

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