Monday, July 16, 2012

Get to Know: Linda Ford

Linda Ford is a role model for living an active, healthy lifestyle! She has been employed at the On Top of the World Communities' (OTOW) Health and Recreation Fitness Center since March of 2006. She is a wonderful fitness attendant, encouraging and supporting OTOW residents to engage in wellness activities...something she does herself every day. Linda "talks the talk and walks the walk"...literally! She walks four miles every morning and then five miles every night (on days she is not working). To keep busy and engaged during her morning walks, Linda tosses all the delivered newspapers from the street to her neighbors' front doors providing a grand neighborly gesture.

Although she logs lots of walking miles, this is still not enough to satisfy her fitness needs. Linda recently joined The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa and loves the Zumba and Power Pump classes they provide. She has a unique quality that has gained her lots of attention and the reputation of "fitness fashionista"! Where she's "working" or "working out", Linda is always dressed to impress!

Linda eagerly jumped at the opportunity to cross train and take an additional shift as a fitness attendant when she accepted an employment need at The Arbor Club, OTOW's recreational and fitness facility. She currently works at both facilities as well as assumed the role as OTOW's Safety Representative.

Linda will soon be celebration her 20th wedding anniversary with the husband Dan. She has two grown children, a son and a daughter and 4 gorgeous grandchildren. She also has an adopted "Shi-Poo" named Lily. Linda is a valuable member of our fitness team and lives a vibrant, active life demonstrating that OTOW has workers with Well-Power!

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