Friday, June 15, 2012

A World Of Learning Opportunities...A New Approach To 55+ Living

On Top of the World Communities, fosters education and learning as the future of retirement amenities and Master the Possibilities Education Center exemplifies that. With Master the Possibilities and its lifelong learning opportunities, active adult living takes on a whole new meaning.

Master the Possibilities represents a new emphasis to adult education.  Many communities operate on an “activity center model,” using the same space for classes as for recreation or other group activities.  “While several communities have multi-use activity centers, Master the Possibilities is a free standing facility whose sole purpose is education,” explains Daniel Dowd, Education Director. “We promote opportunities to grow, be creative, contribute and continue the learning process we call life. To this end, our Master the Possibilities Center is a valuable component of our vibrant community.”

On Top of the World is very likely the first adult residential community in the nation to have a dedicated education building.  “We’re at the forefront of a genuine revolution in how people perceive and experience the next phase of their lives,” explains Dowd.  “Today’s 55+ adults are the most educated to date and rather than simply retiring to a quiet, uneventful life, they are striving for new levels of personal fulfillment, having choices and opportunities. They are also comfortable with the continuing education model throughout their lives.”

According to Dowd, senior lifestyles have become more active.  Communities must anticipate and respond to this change. “Ongoing education is increasingly important to today’s 55+ adults.  Learning is still incredibly fulfilling to them." Master the Possibilities’ student numbers do indeed suggest a growing trend in lifelong learning.  Once the center opened in 2006 and curriculum developed, the enrollments soared from about 3,000 to a current estimate of almost 19,000 in this its 6th year of operation. Dowd attributes this to the “idyllic combination” of challenging classes and outstanding faculty and of course, the consummate curiosity of current retirees. For example, past and current offerings include presentations by a host of emeritus professors and noted experts. With over 60 faculty and 600 opportunities to learn and grow, this center is a focal point of activity and inquiry.

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