Friday, March 30, 2012

APRIL! Ambitious and Exceptional Offerings at Master the Possibilities Education Center

April will be another great month at Master the Possibilities Education Center located at Circle Square Commons in Ocala. It begins with the 5th annual Bonsai Exhibit, which includes presentations and demonstrations. This is one of my favorite events at Master the Possibilities (MTP). It is remarkable how the Marion Bonsai Society is able to transform the open area into a beautiful "forest of art." Visitors to the exhibit will learn about this beautiful and ancient art form. Take a class...attend a demonstration...stop by!

April includes see 112 classes, presentations and lectures. It is by far the most ambitious April to date! The variety of offerings is exceptional. There's bound to be something of interest for everyone. There are even classes geared towards grandparents and their grandchildren who are often visiting during this time of year.

MTP has added a special lecture by Wesley Wilcox, Marion County Assistant Supervisor of Elections. On April 10th at 2pm, Mr. Wilcox will be speaking on redistricting and how that will affect On Top of the World Communities as well as Marion County. Mr. Wilcox is incredibly knowledgeable and will make even this dry topic interesting and relevant.

Visit the MTP website at and browse the online catalog of classes...registration is also available on the website. Plus, stay connected with MTP on Facebook at

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