Thursday, December 10, 2009

On Top of the World Communities is committed to building the highest quality homes with reduced energy use. Our homes surpass the strict guidelines set forth by ENERGY STAR®. Our standard features support environmental stewardship and achieve ENERGY STAR qualification by an independent third-party inspector. Our standard features include:

Sustainability, Quality & Responsibility, On Top of the World Communities

  • R-30 Batt/Blown Attic Insulation reduces heat transfer through the roof of the home. (Minimum required is R-19).
  • Rigid Foam Board Wall Insulation with proper taping technique provides a continuous barrier around the inside of the home which serves as a seal against air and moisture transfer.
  • Electrical Boxes Mounted to Furring Strips creates fewer penetrations in the block wall, providing a better seal in the building envelope.
  • Low-E Windows reduce condensation, reduce heat gain/loss and block 90%+ of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet light, protecting the interior of the home.
  • Reflective Radiant Barrier helps keep heat out of the attic.
  • Sealed, Insulated and Right-Sized Ducts in the Ventilation System prevent air leakage, reduce energy loss, and provide efficient distribution of conditioned air throughout the home. (NOT ALL builders adhere to the correct duct-sizing calculations as provided by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Manual J and Manual D.)
  • Multi-position Variable Speed Fan Motor in Air Handler saves energy as fan speed is determined by the temperature demand rather than running at a constant speed.
  • Programmable Thermostat
  • 14 and 15 SEER HVAC System, with higher efficiencies available
  • IC-rated Sealed Recessed Can Lights with CFL Bulbs minimizes leakage of air from attic into conditioned space and provides energy savings.
  • ENERGY STAR®-rated Dishwasher
  • WaterSense-certified Delta® Faucets and Shower Heads, as well as low consumption, high efficiency commodes, reduce water usage.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets made from renewable resources and KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program Certified.
  • Ceramic Tile Flooring provides energy savings.
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Paint emits fewer contaminates into the air.
  • WaterWise Yards using drought tolerant plants and drip-irrigation systems conserve water.
On Top of the World Communities has always been an innovative leader in the home-building industry. Click here to learn more.

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